Jeffrey Ben Berman
"Look at what lies at your feet! A crack in the ground, sparkling gravel, a tuft of grass, some crushed debris, offer equally worthy subjects for your applause and admiration."
- Jean DuBuffet

I'm a New York City photographer specializing in abstract fine art prints. For many years, as another type of artist, I painted with sound. Using a palette of voices, music and sound effects and imagining them as visual elements of color, light and texture, I designed auditory landscapes for radio, TV and film. In time, I began to produce abstract fine art photographic images, and soon discovered that process was based on many of the same creative values and principles I'd successfully employed in my earlier art form.

While searching out and capturing close-up details in deteriorating visual environments such as derelict buildings, rusting scrapyards and stained sidewalks, I continually discover an amazing abundance of ephemeral raw material containing hidden fascination, beauty and power. In addition, I also devise and orchestrate my own environments incorporating similar elements.

Whatever the source, I strive to preserve the essence of the original photographic image while manipulating it in ways that will bring forth my perception of its intrinsic artistic content and narrative. However, irrespective of the resulting titles I've chosen, I encourage you to imaginatively form your own interpretations of my work.